La nuova limousine di TRUMP avrà; sacche di sangue, fucili e cannoni a gas.

Ha suscitato curiosità la richiesta del Presidente Trump di apportare alcune modifiche alla limousine presidenziale.

La nuova limousine presidenziale di Donald Trump sarà completamente rifornito di armi, finestre e porte a prova di proiettile, e persino di sacche di sangue per il presidente eletto in caso di emergenze.

La limousine "Cadillac One", verrà inaugurata il giorno di presentazione del nuovo Presidente alla Casa Bianca.

La nuova limousine presidenziale, avrà un costo di $ 1,5 milioni, il New York Post ha riferito.

E´ curioso anche il fatto che l´auto sarà blindata come un mezzo militare rendendo le porte così pesanti che il presidente Trump non sarà in grado di aprirle dall'interno.

See Key Moments From the Republican Debate

The main Republican presidential open deliberation of 2016 was additionally one of the feistiest. Seven hopefuls – the least of any of the past level headed discussions – made that big appearance in North Charleston, South Carolina and took the gloves off.

The verbal confrontation was characteristic of a Republican essential that is quick achieving its breaking point only under three weeks before the Iowa assemblies, and the most exceptional competing occurred between the two applicants secured a neck-and-neck race in that state: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Here are three minutes that mattered at today evening time’s GOP talk about:

1. Trump and Cruz Dive Into ‘Normal Born Citizen’ Argument

As of late Donald Trump has raised the “regular conceived resident” contention about Ted Cruz, addressing whether he is intrinsically ready to keep running for president since he was conceived in Canada to an American mother. Tonight, the arbitrators got some information about the issue and Cruz said it wasn’t an issue for Trump in September.

“Back in September, my companion Donald said he had his attorneys take a gander at this from each which path and there was no issue there,” Cruz said, taking note of Trump “is frightened that his survey numbers are falling in Iowa.”

2. Cruz Confronts Goldman Sachs Loan

At the point when arbitrators got some information about a late New York’s news source piece on Cruz not uncovering a credit on a government structure, Cruz hit back.

Subsequent to bashing the media and Hillary Clinton, he conceded: “I made a printed material blunder.” Cruz told voters that he filed the advance on a state structure. “In any case, if that is the best hit New York’s news source has got, they better about-face to the well.”

3. Cruz Throws Trump’s “New York Values” Back At Him

At the point when gotten some information about his hit not long ago on Trump’s “New York values,” Cruz cleared up that they are “socially liberal or expert premature birth or genius gay marriage.”

He then pivoted a Trump assault on him, saying, “Not a great deal of traditionalists leave Manhattan,” a clear reference to Trump telling group that “not very numerous evangelicals leave Cuba.”

Trump turned genuine in his reaction, however, refering to New York’s reaction to the 9/11 assaults and telling his adversary: “That was an exceptionally offending proclamation that Ted made.”

Ted Cruz on Trump: It’s Really Me vs. Him Now

Ted Cruz was running a nearby third in the Nevada assemblies on Tuesday night when he gave his concession discourse, yet that didn’t prevent him from proclaiming the Republican presidential essential a two-battle race.

History shows us that no one has ever won the selection without winning one of the initial three primaries, and there are just two individuals who have won one of the initial three primaries:

Donald Trump and us,” he said, referencing his triumph in the Iowa gatherings. “The initial four states have demonstrated, the main crusade that has beaten Donald Trump, the main battle that can beat Donald Trump, is this crusade.”

On Tuesday night, nonetheless, Cruz couldn’t beat Trump.

The business tycoon beat the field in Nevada, scoring what’s practically sure to be a twofold digit win that takes after enormous triumphs in South Carolina and New Hampshire. With 100 percent of the Nevada vote checked, Trump had 46 percent of the vote while Rubio came in second with 24 percent. Cruz trailed with somewhat more than 21 percent.

Still, Cruz anticipated a cheerful message, accentuating the significance of the coming March 1 primaries.

“I need to say, I can’t hold up to return home to the colossal condition of Texas,” the Texas representative said at his Nevada results party. “Today, I’ll rest in my bed without precedent for a month, and after that it will be back to the battle field in Texas and all over Super Tuesday, stimulating and fabricating that Reagan coalition.”

A huge number of Southern states vote next Tuesday, including Cruz’s home condition of Texas, and he and his battle have for some time been clear that they see the day as pivotal in their way to the assignment. At his gathering, Cruz called Super Tuesday the “most essential night of this battle.”

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Swiping at both Trump and Rubio, he proceeded with that the decision was between “two Washington dealmakers, or one demonstrated, steady moderate.”

“On the off chance that you are one of the 65 percent of Republicans over this nation who doesn’t think Donald is the best possibility to clash with Hillary Clinton, who trusts we improve in decisions when we really designate a preservationist, then the initial four states performed an essential capacity in narrowing this race and introducing a reasonable decision.”

Without a doubt, the greater part of the Cruz crusade’s post-gathering assaults were gone for Rubio, who has yet to win a state challenge – however he edged Cruz for second in South Carolina.

The Cruz crusade conveyed a discharge promptly after the gatherings that said Trump’s win implied Rubio had “fizzled.”

Trump Won’t Participate in a GOP Debate on Fox

Iowa — Republican presidential leader Donald Trump suddenly declared here Tuesday that he would not take an interest in Thursday’s booked verbal confrontation, raising his now and again quarrel with Fox News Channel and tossing the GOP crusade into turmoil.

Trump’s statement, which his battle director demanded was irreversible, came short of what one week before the kickoff Iowa assemblies. He at the end of the day challenged the ordinary guidelines of legislative issues, and utilized his energy and conspicuousness to shape the crusade plan and discussion

In this way, Trump’s untraditional moves have just extended his backing, yet his debilitated blacklist abandons him open to feedback that for all his extreme talk he is ducking up close and personal meetings with his rivals and investigation from the Fox mediators.

Given Trump’s past teases with boycotting Fox, numerous will question his announcement until they see alternate hopefuls take the civil argument stage on Thursday night without him.

The Republican level headed discussions have gotten to be must-see TV, to a limited extent in view of the charm of Trump’s star power and eccentric office. In any case, he said Tuesday that he supposes Fox and other TV stations have been exploiting him by offering commercials for their level headed discussions at a high premium.

“Why ought to the systems keep on getting rich on the open deliberations?” Trump told columnists at a news gathering in Marshalltown. “Why do I need to make Fox rich?”

The verbal confrontation is planned to be in Des Moines on Thursday, and Trump said he would rather have a contending occasion in the state intended to raise cash for injured veterans.

It would be a phenomenal move if Trump pulled back from the verbal confrontation at such a significant minute on the essential date-book.

Trump long has protested the cooperation of Fox News grapple Megyn Kelly as one of the three mediators, guaranteeing she has treated him unjustifiably with both her doubting of him finally August’s civil argument and her discourse from that point forward.

Trump additionally said that a “savvy fellow public statement” that the system issued prior on Tuesday putting down him was improperly adversarial and puerile.

Fox’s announcement said that system authorities “had gained from a mystery back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both plan to treat Donald Trump unreasonably when they meet with him in the event that he gets to be president.”

Don­ald Trump Nearly At­tacked By a Pro­tester

Donald Trump wished deplorable substantial mischief on a nonconformist at his rally here on Monday night, saying he’d like to punch the man in the face and see him did on a stretcher.

The gatekeepers are in effect extremely delicate with him,” Trump said. “I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll let you know that. “Trump said the dissident had been “tossing punches.”

By the time a POLITICO correspondent detected the nonconformist being driven from the floor of South Point Arena by security work force, the man was not tossing punches.

As indicated by various South Point security staff, the man did not toss any punches. Trump “was simply over-overstating,” said one security protect, who asked that his name not be utilized.

“We’re not permitted to punch back any more,” Trump mourned. The extremely rich person said he missed “past times worth remembering,” when the man would be dealt with in an unexpected way.

“You comprehend what they used to do to a person like that in a spot like this?” Trump said.

The agent then proceeded onward to his position on waterboarding. “I believe it’s awesome however I don’t think we go sufficiently far,” Trump said. The businessperson said the press would depict him as a “mean person” for that position.